Friday, May 30

Tutorial: Dutch Fold Card

Dutch Fold Cards are super easy to make... always my favourite kind of card fold... and have the added bonus of being able to stand up for display.  They can be decorated in lots of different ways, and because they have several small sections you can even use up some of those scraps of patterned paper you've been saving!
1.  To create a 6" x 4" card, you will need one piece of cardstock measuring 10" x 33/8" and another piece measuring 8" x 2".
NOTE:  The strange measurement for the long piece of cardstock allows for the smaller piece to be folded around easily.
2. Place the larger piece of cardstock horizontally on your score board and score at 4".  Place the smaller piece of cardstock horizontally on your score board and score at 2" and 6".  Fold along the score lines as shown in the photo below.

3.  Add adhesive between the two score lines on the smaller piece of cardstock.

4.  Matching the bottom edges, adhere the larger piece of cardstock between the score lines of the smaller piece.  You have now made your basic Dutch Fold Card.

5.  To decorate, add some patterned paper and a stamped sentiment to each of the front panels. 

6.  Create a layered focal image and adhere it to the large, top flap only.  The extra weight will help to hold the card closed.
Image: Raspberry House digital image
Sentiment: from Spunky With Flowers Set
Photos and written instructions are copyright Beccy Muir 2014


  1. Beautiful card and great tutorial x

  2. Very nice! I have not seen this fold before - I think I could do this, thanks to your tutorial!

  3. Fantastic tutorial Beccy, may try and find time today somewhere and give this a go....hope all's

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  5. Great tutorial Beccy, looks like a very versatile fold

  6. What a wonderful - thanks for the tutorial

  7. BEAUTIFULLY DONE!!! Thanks for the tutorial...definitely going to try this...

  8. Thanks for the tutorial Becky. I also have not seen
    this fold before. Your card is lovely.

  9. Love this marvelous tutorial, Beccy. Such a creative fold. I especially like the colors in your masterpiece.

  10. I am creating this type of card today using a vintage image - I saw this tutorial also on Robyn's Fetish which you are given credit Beccy!

  11. Great will have to try this xxx

  12. Oh my gosh...this is WONDERFUL!!!! I've got some great stamps that I like to watercolor; they're kind of large and I don't want to make the entire card out of watercolor stock. I never really know how to trim the stamp to look good on a card (think House Mouse stamps). Your design will allow me to trim the card any way I need to and let it "float" above the other flaps that have coordinating printed papers--that way my cutout won't look out of place or awkward. Thanks so much!