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Thursday, March 10

Make a Wish Card

This is my second Case This card since joining Card Camp. I just loved the beautiful example card that used a soft sage and a wonderful peachey pink... perfect colours for gorgeous blossoms. Even though it's now officially autumn here in Australia - but feeling a lot like summer still - this card actually makes me think "spring". Needless to say, there's a pretty serious case of seasonal confusion going on at my place right now!


  1. What a beautiful card! Seems wierd to think you are going into fall as we are coming into spring here. Thanks for all you share!

  2. Hi Beccy,
    This card is really beautiful. I love your blog and visit quite often and want to Thank you for all the hard work that I know goes into sharing your art with the world.. Your designs are fabulous! Thank you again
    Sylvie x

  3. Love this card! Gorgeous colors, very spring like! Sometimes it's good to remember at other times of year that spring will come.

  4. a beautiful card Beccy! I love the soft peach colour of this card, and what a great colour to highlight the beauty of the flowers blooming.

  5. Oh Beccy...I live in a constant world of Confusion, be it Seasonal OR every other type!!! But your card is beautiful, your digi has so many uses...have a great day xx

  6. Beautiful card with just delightful colors! SO very pretty.

  7. Beccy it is a beautiful card. Your stitching is PERFECT! wow..I love the colors and am anxiously waiting for Spring here in IL

  8. such a pretty card love the soft colours you have used.

  9. You have a beautiful card, Beccy! I guess you need to come back to the States so you will have Spring. :)