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Thursday, July 15

Dragon Card

My oldest daughter is a Dragonologist, or would like to be anyway! She's all of eleven years old, but can identify all the different dragons out there (who knew there were different species??) as well as telling you their habitat and dietary preferences. When she grows up she's planning to take me to the Blue Mountains in New South Wales to search for the Australian dragon... which I can't quite remember the name of. I just hope there's going to be hot running water and a flushing toilet down there!
Anyway, this little guy is dedicated to her. When I revealed him in all his glory she said, "Mum, European dragons don't have horns." Gotta love 'em!


  1. She is so smart. I love this Dragon, super adorable. Hugs, Nataliya.

  2. Gotta love kids :D What a sweet dragon. Love how you colored him.

  3. I LOVE DRAGONS! I want a baby dragon tattoo but hubby says no way :( I love this dragon and I cannot wait to put him on a card!

  4. You've gotta love the way kids just know these things, it's something we loose when we get older. This card is great I love the way you have coloured him. :-) xx

  5. what a fantastic job idea I'd love to see the careers officers face when she says that lol
    thanks for the dragon freebie even if it's not anotomically correct :)

  6. Wow, what a beautiful card. Well, I have not a clue of dragons but I like yours. Thank you for sharing it.
    Hugs Dörte

  7. I know this is a bit late after posting but, mum did a good job and with my now 'extended' knowledge I believe it is possible for european dragons to have horns, so no problems here!
    Love ya' mum!