Friday, May 13

New Release: Narcissus

When I was a kid, there was an elderly man in our neighbourhood who grew the biggest, reddest, juiciest tomatoes in a vegetable garden behind his house.  He would sell them in big bags for just a couple of dollars, and boy were they sweet!  He used to cinch the bags, which were recycled from the grocery store, with twist ties that he saved from bread bags before those little plastic clasps were introduced.  He also grew gorgeous sweet-peas that he would sometimes bundle in pieces of newspaper and give to the ladies who bought his vegetables.  These days he would be considered a master recycler, but back then, in the days of plastic, plastic and more plastic, there was something simple and wholesome about his newspaper and recycled twist ties.  Needless to say, my trip down memory lane was the inspiration behind my latest set of digital images.

Narcissus Set

Narcissus Digital Paper Set

As always, my fabulous designers have created some beautiful projects featuring this latest set.  I'm sure you'll be inspired by what they have to offer.

Anesha's Card

Anesha's decorated wine bottle

Annie's Card

Carla's Card

Judy's Creation

A tag by Karin

Karin's Card

Petra's Card


  1. Great set and papers. Nice projects the team made!

  2. great set and incredible inspirations!

  3. Love this set, Beccy, and the DT's work is marvelous.

  4. Beautiful images and cards Beccy..Loz

  5. Beautiful set Beccy! And gorgeous inspiration from the DT!
    Xoxo Olga

  6. Lovely set, Beccy. Gorgeous cards by the DT.

  7. Beautiful set! Beautiful card! Do you know the name of the die used on this card?

    1. Hi Sherrill. Thank you for your kinds comments. If you tell me which card you are referring to, I'll pass your question on to the designer.