Thursday, May 12

Negative Colouring

I've been in the mood for colouring lately, but didn't really feel like going through the motions of choosing colours and making sure I had coordinating papers to create cards, etc. etc.  To get my fix, I opted for some negative colouring instead, which is where you colour the highlights in the image rather than the shadows.  I have a little tutorial HERE if anyone is interested in having a go.

EDIT:  The images in this post are digitals, printed on dark brown cardstock with black ink and then coloured over with white pencils.  You could use any colour cardstock as long as there is enough contrast between the colour you choose and your white pencil.

A close up of the poppies.  As you can see, I printed these in two sizes for a bit of variation.  It was a lot easier colouring the larger image because I had more room to work with, but on the down side there was a lot more colouring to do!

Wild Rose

Pink Iris


After colouring the images, I sprayed them with a light coat of matt sealant to prevent the soft white pencil from smudging.  I'm hoping to use them on some cards during the week.

Digital stamps available for purchase from Beccy's Place


  1. Gorgeous work, Beccy. I've been meaning to try this technique ever since you posted your tutorial. Thanks for the reminder.

  2. Sunning colouring and a great tutorial too.
    Kath x

  3. Will have to check that out! Pretty! Thank you

  4. Beccy, these are beautiful. You are so talented. I must try this. Thank you for the inspiration.

  5. Fantastic coloring Beccy! these are very beautiful!
    xoxo Olga

  6. Wow these look amazing! I have just looked at the tutorial to, will definitely be giving this technique a go, thansk for sharing. Creative Blessings, Tracy x

  7. These are gorgeous. I had a look at your tutorial, and love the card you created for that as well. This technique looks like it will take a lot of practice!

  8. So beautifully coloured a terrific technique, I can't wait to see the cards.