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Digital Stamps

Digital stamps are images and sentiments that are downloaded to a computer and printed for use on cards and paper craft projects. They can be thought of as print-at-home colouring pages that can be resized, flipped, skewed and recoloured as desired. Many digital stamps include a full-colour version for quick crafting or for those who don’t like to colour. Another big attraction is the fact that they take up no physical storage space. Hundreds of images can be saved into assorted files to make finding an image quick and easy. There are many free images on the internet that can be instantly downloaded to your computer, including a long list right here on the Beccy’s Place blog: FREEBIES

For those who have never used digital stamps before, here's a simple way to save them in Microsoft Word:
1. Open a blank page in Microsoft Word.
2. Go to the image you want to use. Right click on the image and select "Copy".
3. Go back to your blank Word document and right click anywhere on the page. Now select "paste" and the image should appear.
4. You can now save the document so you'll always have the image in your Microsoft Word files, and you can print it ready for use.

And this is how you can save them to another location in your computer:
1. Go to the image you want to download.
2. Right click on the image (click with your right mouse button). A little box will pop up with a few different options. Click on "save as" or "save picture as".
3. Now you will be taken to a list of files in your computer. You can create a new file for all your pictures or you can simply pop it into one of the existing ones. Give the picture a name you will remember and then hit "save".
4. To use the picture, open Microsoft Word or your favourite photo editing program, and use the insert picture command to open it on a page. You can now resize, stretch, recolour or rotate the picture. When you're happy, click print and your picture will be ready to use.

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