Thursday, December 14

Tutorial - Bridge Fold Cards

Bridge Fold or U-Fold cards are fairly simple to make and can be decorated in lots of really fun and interesting ways. While researching, I came across cards made to look like kitchens, dressing tables and even a woodworking bench! The "U" section in the centre allows for some great 3D embellishing and this is where your creativity really gets to shine.

1. Start with a piece of card stock measuring 6" x 10".

2. Score at 11/2", 3", 7" and 81/2". The measurements I've used will give you a card measuring 6" tall x 7" long when folded.

3. Fold along the score lines beginning with a mountain fold, then a valley fold, another valley fold and ending with a mountain fold.

4. If desired, you can add some patterned paper and stamps at this point. Once you add the bottom panel it will be a lot more difficult to add embellishments to the background.

5. Cut a piece of card stock measuring 2" x 7". If desired, use a pair of scissors or a border punch to give a decorative edge. Since I'm creating a snow scene, I decided to cut a couple of snow banks.
Apply glue or double sided tape to the back of the last 11/2" of the card stock as shown in the photo below.

6. Secure the card stock to the bottom of one end of your card. Stand the card upright to make aligning the bottom easier - you want it to be flush with the bottom edge of your card.

7. Now repeat with the other end of the card stock strip to complete base of your U-Fold card. You can embellish as desired or continue on to create a card similar to mine.

8. To decorate, you'll need two strips of card stock measuring 3/4" x 7". I used a snowflake border punch to give them some added interest. You'll also need another bottom strip of card stock, the same size and shape as the first, a reel of thread, a coloured and fussy cut image, some little punched snowflakes and some very strong, fast drying glue.

9. Attach the punched card stock strip to the top of the card is the same manner as you did the bottom. Apply a strip of double sided tape at the top of the card over the punched card stock, and another strip at the bottom of the card. These will hold your thread in place.

10. Cut several lengths of thread approximately 6" long. Press them onto the strip of double sided tape at the top of the card. When they're in place, apply another strip of double sided tape over the top. Don't space the threads evenly, the design will look better if they are different distances from each other.

11. Now secure them at the bottom in the same way. I applied a piece of sticky tape across the threads to make them extra secure.

12. Now add the extra strips of card stock over the top and bottom pieces so that the threads are secured between and you can no longer see the tape.

13. Here comes the fiddly bit.... Using strong, fast drying glue, fix the little snowflakes to the twine in random places. You'll need two snowflakes in each position so that the thread is sandwiched between. I used some pointy tweezers to help place each one.

14. All that's left now is to add your image, sentiment and any extra embellishments you'd like. Have fun!



  1. Thank you. I have been wondering how these cards are made. Your card is gorgeous. Take care. Hugs Jackie

  2. Beautiful card, I love the snow curtain. Thank you for the tutorial.

  3. Oh this looks fab I might have to try this

  4. Oh this looks fab I might have to try this

  5. How neat is that?!? Looks great!

  6. Thanks Beccy, this is a tutorial I will use today, I am in the process of trying to finish a book one you recently posted so as you know I love your tuts, thanks again.xx[aNNie]🎄

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  8. Ooh this is fabulous. I love your tutorials 😊

    LOVE IT ALL, especially your CREATIVE floating snowflakes!
    THANK YOU so much for sharing and INSPIRING :)

  10. Awesome tutorial and such a cute card! I love all the embellishments you made for it. Thanks for the tutorial and I'll keep this one on hand!

  11. So cute. I made 2 of these during your challenge, but I love the addition of the little snowflakes. Maybe I'll try another.

  12. Well done on this fold love the theme...
    I also made one and it was easy peasy...some also call it A Bridge Fold Card...tfs

  13. A wonderful job Beccy - love this type of card - I have a few in SVG cuts - like that you provided the tutorial! Brilliant!

  14. Lovely Beccy. I could have done with this one for the A-Z challenge! I will try and have a go at in the New Year though.

  15. Thank you so much for this wonderful tutorial. It would make a great shadowbox too. For another take on your beautiful hanging snowflakes, take a look at Marianne Design item DF3439. It does not seem to have a name but it is a set with an embossing folder and a die for tiny stars that could look like ice crystals. There is another set that is axtual showflakes, again an embossing folder and coordinating die - DF3440. Isn't it great when coordinating items are packaged together? I have seen the star set cut in pearlized ppor glittered paper and it comes out beautifully. It's kind of a wavy thread with tiny stars

  16. Just an apology for the typos above. I have a very old iPad and sometimes it will not allow me to backup on comments. The above was supposed to read "pearlized or glitter paper". Sorry.

  17. You nailed this card design, Beccy. Gorgeous!

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  19. Love it! Will this fold flat to go in a regular flat envelope?
    Does anyone have the measurements for a smaller card? I forget the size I usually make, A-2 or A-4? I think they are about 5 x 4 1/4, but not sure.
    I have a box of 250 of that size envelopes, so want to make cards to fit those!
    Thanks! Gorgeous card!

  20. Hi Chaun,
    The card does fold flat, but it's bigger than a standard size. For a 5" x 4.5" card, I would suggest you make a short, wide card since most of the bulk needs to be in the folded sides.
    Start with a piece of card stock measuring 4.5" high by 7" wide. Score the large piece at 1", 2", 5" and 6". The rest of the instructions should be the same.
    Good luck!

  21. Thank you for these wonderful instructions.