Saturday, November 6

Technique Class - 3D Effect

Most of you would be familiar with the technique of paper tole, where a two-dimensional image is layered multiple times to give a 3D effect. The technique I want to share with you today is similar to paper tole, but without the paper shaping and varnishing you find in good examples of the craft.

1. You'll need at least four of the same image. If you are new to this technique, choose a relatively simple design that is easy to cut out with several elements that are layered from background to foreground. I used this pumpkin design, coloured with copic markers, scanned and printed out four times.

2. My finished project will have four layers. The first, or bottom, layer is the image in it's entirety including some of the plain cardstock bordering it. I'll use this first layer to build on. For the second layer I have removed the bordering card and the large orange pumpkin. In the third layer I have also cut away the leaves and the yellow squash. My fourth and final layer consists of the pear in the foreground and the little orange pumpkin (squash).

3. Each of the layers will fit directly over the one before but with some of the background objects missing, as you can see from the picture below.

4. A lot of paper tole artists use silicone to adhere the layers together. I personally prefer thin, double-sided foam tape as it doesn't require dry time, is cleaner and odourless. If using foam tape, keep it away from the edges of your design so that it can't be easily seen when you view the project from the front.

5. Now adhere your layers together to build up the picture. Finish with the single pear and the small pumpkin (squash).

All that's left to do is figure out a card design for the layered image.
Have fun!


  1. Great effect, I haven't tried anything like this yet, but I might do now i've seen how you do it. love your site beccy and thanks for sharing your images.

  2. Great tutorial Beccy, I know this technique as decoupage. Your image looks great it has real dimension. :-) xx

  3. Beccy, this is a great tutorial, I am going to try it at my earliest convenience. I love paper piecing and this reminds me of that. Thanks so much for the image and the lesson. I love this blog.

  4. Beccy - THANK YOU for this great tutorial. I've always wanted to try paper piecing and you've made this look so easy. Can't wait to try it with your wonderful digi :)

  5. Thanks for sharing this... God Bless!!!!

    Happy Celebrations!!!!


  6. Beccy this is a great idea an d I'll try it pat gave me your blog and it alsome...... MaryRedford