Friday, October 19

Let's Get Festive

Although not traditional, green and gold seemed like the most appropriate colour scheme for an Australian themed Christmas card... and I think it works well with this less-than-traditional Christmas ambassador!

Stamps: Emu Parade

Wednesday, October 17

New Release: Emu Parade

Fun, festive and just a little bit quirky is the perfect way to describe the newest addition to our clear stamp range. Emu Parade features a collection of fabulous emus ready to celebrate the holidays in style. Mix and match the images with any of the five sentiments included with the set, and don't forget to "think outside the box" to create cards for other occasions, just like Carla did with her birthday themed project.

 Have a look at the wonderful cards and projects created by Carla and Anesha...

Tuesday, October 16

Craft Alive

We're so excited to be back at 
Craft Alive Logan this year.
Stop by and say hi!

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Monday, October 15

Brisbane Craft and Gift Fair

We had a fabulous time at the Brisbane Craft and Gift Fair over the weekend, and even managed to get a few demo pieces made in between chatting with friends, customers and some of the lovely stall holders!

Sunday, October 14

Tutorial: Petal Fold Cards

Petal Fold cards are so named because they have petal-like flaps that fold out to give the impression of a flower. You can alter the centre shape to have more "petals" if you prefer - for example, a pentagon will give you five "petals", a hexagon will give you six, and so on. The only thing you need to remember is that each "petal" can be no wider than half the width of the centre shape.

1. To make a finished, folded card measuring 4" square, you'll need a piece of card stock measuring 8" x 8".

2. Place the card stock on your score board and score at 2". Turn the card stock 90° and score again at 2". Turn the card stock another 90° and score at 2". Turn the card stock 90° for the final time and score at 2". You should now have four score lines that resemble a tic-tac-toe grid.

3. Use a craft knife or trimmer to remove each of the four corners along the score lines.

4. Use an oval template to round off each of the four flaps. I used an oval cutting die, traced around it with a pencil and cut away the excess with a pair of sharp scissors. Keep the cut as close as possible to the outer edge, you don't want to make the "petal" too short.
Alternatively, use a corner punch to remove the corners. Your card will look more square but the effect will still be the same.

5. That's it for the card base... now to decorate!

6. Use the "petals" as a template to cut some patterned paper. I cut mine a little smaller than each petal so that I would be left with a border. You'll also need a square piece for the centre of the card.

7. I added a white piece of card stock to the bottom "petal" so I could write a message to the recipient.

8. Cut another four pieces of patterned paper for the outside of the card, using the "petals" as a template. Again, I made the patterned paper slightly smaller so that I'd be left with a little border.

9. You can decorate the outside of your card however you desire. I decided to secure a large piece of ribbon to the back of my card so that I could tie it closed. The ribbon bow does double duty as decoration for my completed card.


Photographs and written instructions are copyright Beccy Muir.
All rights reserved.

Friday, October 12

Black Cats and Witches Hats...

Although the new Scaredy Cats digital stamp set was designed for Halloween, it can also be used for other occasions by changing the colour scheme and adding different sentiments. For the first card I created, you can see that I added a big die cut word sentiment and stuck to a pink and purple colour scheme. Any of my cat-loving friends would enjoy this card for their birthday. Add some Christmas colours or a winter-theme and you have another use for this set. 

Wednesday, October 10

New Release: Scaredy Cats

'Tis the season for black cats and witches hats!
These almost-terrifying felines are the perfect characters for children's Halloween cards and party favours. They have friendly smiling faces with just a hint of spookiness in their choice of attire. Mix and match with a fun sentiment and add a colourful length of bunting, and voila! you have a card.

Scaredy Cats
digital stamp set

My design team has been busy creating some spooky projects with the new set. Check out their fabulous cards and gift bags...

Tuesday, October 9

Craft & Gift Fair

Sleeman Sports Complex, Chandler
October 13th & 14th

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Sunday, October 7

Mini Album - "Our Memories"

I'm really doing my best to try and reduce the amount of paper in my stash, but no matter how many of these little books I produce, it doesn't seem to make any difference. There were too many years of purchasing and not enough creating. Darn those irresistible paper sales!

Friday, October 5

Wednesday, October 3

October Images

We're bringing a cheeky Aussie twist to the family festivities this year, with some rather quirky emus, some melodious magpies and a digital version of our much loved Aussie Christmas set. We haven't forgotten about all the Halloween fans out there either. Our collection of terrifying black cats is sure to send goosebumps down your spine... well, perhaps not all that terrifying, but trying hard to get into the spirit!

Scaredy Cats
digital stamp set

The Front Gate
digital stamp set

Aussie Christmas
digital stamp set