Wednesday, October 5

Social Media

One of the New Year's Resolutions I set myself in January was to get more savvy with social media. Who knew what a big task that would be?! I've been hash tagging and tweeting, liking and posting like a teenager... unfortunately I don't have the brain of a teenager, so the learning process has been loooooong and painful!

Yesterday I finally made my first post on Instagram, which seems like a simple enough service, even for me... but I guess time will tell. For those of you who are familiar with social media, or who are also trying to keep up with the teenagers, you can find me here:

I'll do my best to instagram something (is that a verb??) on a regular basis. Mostly photos of whatever I'm working on, or perhaps products I like or things that catch my eye. My live-in teenagers assure me that it's supposed to be snippets of life in picture form... "Mum, don't overthink it!" they say. But I don't think I'm capable of over-thinking anything these days!


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  2. Oh Beccy - I know how you feel!! Well done on taking the plunge!!

  3. you are doing / learning great! ☺ Petra

    1. I've got excellent help... thanks again Petra!

  4. Have fun with it--I only do Facebook, but who knows--may take the plunge one day.

  5. LOL! I hear ya, Miss Beccy! You're doing a great job! I am with you regarding "overthinking " Brain? What brain?! Mine is on vacation somewhere!