Sunday, September 21

Mini Album - Page 3 & 4

Moving right along to pages 3 and 4, which are pretty much the same as other pages that I have made.  On page 3 I have added a photo matt that doubles as a tag pocket, and on page 4 I have made a pocket that holds two tags - one large and one small.
Page Four

The large tag...
... and the small tag. 
I don't want a pocket between these two pages so I simply add double sided tape to all the edges, as well as a few pieces to the centre for good measure.

The pages are placed in the album in the same manner, remembering to leave a gap between the edge of the page and the fold of the binding.

My album is starting to fill up nicely.  I really like the tags and embellishments that are sticking out from the top and side.

Pages 5 & 6


  1. Love the colors and great how it comes together!

  2. You've got the best mini album tutorial on the whole entire internet!! And all for free too!! Bless your heart!