October Challenge

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Saturday, September 18

Shades of Green

I really enjoyed colouring these grapes, particularly the leaves. I love foliage and have always enjoyed drawing, colouring or painting it in it's various shades and hues... especially new leaves or gorgeous autumn coloured ones.
This card would be great as a "Thank You" or to give to someone who loves a drop of the good stuff. I'm sure there are lots of puns relating to wine or fruit that would also go well with the image.


  1. Love your BEAUTIFUL card!! Fabulous!


  2. Stunning card Beccy, its really elegant and I love the soft shades of green.

    Thank you for sharing this fab image.

    Keryn x

  3. Wonderful card Beccy, I could only wish to colour as beautifully as you. :-) xx

  4. What gorgeous coloring, Beccy. I love how you add a tint of color to show the ripeness of the grapes. These are just beautiful and I especially love it hanging like that - great shadows.

  5. Beautiful creation...amazing woman!

  6. Gorgeous card, Beccy!!! So lovely.

  7. Beautiful card! I love the way you colored the grapes. Thank you so much for the freebie!

  8. What a beautiful card you did
    like the color to

  9. What a gorgeous card! Love the coloring and the fancy latticework.